Understanding the Features of ALTA Refrigeration’s EXPERT Systems

  • Jun 11, 2024
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Many industries depend on refrigeration systems nowadays. However, these systems often present a number of difficulties. Traditional systems can be expensive, complicated, and prone to inefficiencies. These systems often need specialized operators, maintenance, and dangerous refrigerants. It often becomes impossible for companies to manage these systems with their day-to-day operational needs.

ALTA Refrigeration is a company that provides creative custom refrigeration solutions to satisfy the various requirements of their customers. With its EXPERT systems, ALTA Refrigeration has completely changed the market.

Let us explore the special features of the EXPERT systems in this post.

Powered by Screw Compressors

The screw compressor is an integral part of ALTA Refrigeration's EXPERT systems. These compressors are reliable and supply steady cooling power necessary to keep temperatures steady. Screw compressors have less moving components than conventional compressors. This means that it lowers the possibility of mechanical failure and increases the equipment's lifespan.

Durability and Hygiene with Stainless Steel Piping

Stainless steel pipework is another essential component of the EXPERT systems. This feature goes beyond simple durability. Stainless steel can tolerate high temperatures and resist corrosion, which makes the system super reliable and guarantees the system's integrity. It also requires less upkeep, which is crucial in sectors where hygiene is critical.

Strength and Stability of Galvanized Structural Steel

Hot-dipped galvanized structural steel is the basis of ALTA Refrigeration’s EXPERT systems. Refrigeration companies use this because of its remarkable durability and resistance to environmental influences. The refrigeration system's structural integrity is preserved because galvanized steel can resist severe conditions without deteriorating.

Energy Efficiency in Hot Gas Defrost Technology

Hot gas defrost technology is one of the EXPERT systems' best characteristics. The energy-intensive and inefficient nature of traditional defrost techniques can result in increased running expenses. By defrosting the system with hot gas, ALTA Refrigeration’s method drastically lowers energy use.

Air Cooled Systems for Easy Maintenance

ALTA Refrigeration’s air-cooled EXPERT systems have another benefit. Air-cooled systems are easier to maintain and run by industrial refrigeration company when compared to water-cooled systems, which call for water treatment and routine condenser repairs. Water usage is eliminated by this design, which also provides an effective system with easy operations.

ALTA Refrigeration has field-tested and validated its EXPERT systems in practical settings. Its units have shown their dependability and efficiency with millions of square feet of refrigeration space installed and functioning with many companies.

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