How to Switch PST file to Single PDF File?

  • Jul 09, 2024
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PST files are the file that is supported by the MS Outlook email client to store email account data including all messages, contacts, attachments, etc. Moreover, the PDF-portable document format is a great way to save all your files reliably and conveniently. Also, PDF is the best and most versatile document format among all other document formats and is the choice of most users when planning to store their messages. This often leads to scenarios where multiple Outlook emails need to be exported to PDF. Converting a PST file will result in emails in a completely different file format that can be used to view emails without Outlook.

In this blog, we will be going to learn about the conversion of PST files to PDF file format. Let us first know why a user needs to convert their PST files to PDF format.

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Benefits of Converting Outlook PST Files to PDF - 

Outlook has many benefits. However, converting email data to PDF also has some advantages, such as others after converting to PDF.

  1. Archiving/backing up individual messages becomes feasible and convenient.
  2. A wide range of accessibility options makes forwarding messages easy.
  3. Opening Outlook messages is now an email platform independent.
  4. emails can be viewed and shared after converting to PDF.
  5. Accessing the PST file is difficult without the installation of the MS Outlook email client.
  6. Transfer of PDF files is easy

These are the reasons for the conversion of the PST files to the PDF file format.

Methods of conversion of the PST files to PDF format

There are many methods that can be followed by a user if they need to convert their PST files to PDF file format. We have discussed many of them. Users can follow any of their chosen methods in order to convert their PST files. Let us have a look at these methods of conversion:

The Manual Method of Conversion

The below-provided methods are the methods following which a user will be able to convert their PST files to PDF format manually. The manual method consists of 3 methods. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Method 1- Convert PST to HTML and then HTML to Word and lastly Word to PDF

This method is a lengthy method to follow. But still, if a user finds this method more reliable then they can follow the below-provided steps:

  • Open MS Outlook and open the email message you want to save as a PDF.
  • Click the File tab and select the Save As option.
  • The Save As dialog box appears. Select a folder to save the exported file.
  • Enter a name for the file and select HTML as the file type.
  • Click the Save button to save the email in HTML format. Right-click on the
  • HTML file and open it in MS Word.

Click the File menu and click on the Save As option and then select PDF to save the file as a PDF.

Method 2- Using the Adobe tab

Follow the steps below to convert PST to Outlook using the Adobe PDF tab. -

  • View Outlook and tap the Adobe PDF tab on the ribbon.
  • Select the emails that need to be converted.
  • On the Adobe PDF tab, tap the selected message.
  • Select Create New PDF from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • A new save tab will appear

Select a save location, enter a name for the PDF file, and tap the Save button.

Method 3- Built-in method

To convert PST files to PDF using MS Print to PDF, please follow the steps below carefully.

  • Click the File tab on the ribbon and click the Print button.
  • Select Printer and press Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu.
  • Please press the print button.
  • On the Save tab, enter a save location and file name.
  • Then click the Save button.

The file will be saved to the specified location.

Restrictions faced by the manual method

Users do face many restrictions while following the manual method of switching the PST files to Single PDF files. Let us have a look at these restrictions:

  • Chances of data loss are more
  • Instant conversion does not proceed
  • Users have to be dependent on different platforms for carrying out the conversion task
  • Not a reliable method to choose
  • Technical guidance becomes mandatory for novice users.
  • Take lots of time.

And many more restrictions are faced by the users following the manual method of conversion. Thus, users do prefer for choosing the PST to PDF Converter application.

Conversion Using the PST to PDF Converter App –

To easily convert PST files to PDF format, users just need to choose a DataVare PST to PDF Converter app. This application is one of the best solutions for users as they can easily track the conversion of PST files to PDF format. This application provides a convenient platform where users can easily convert their PST files of choice. This tool also provides a convenient platform for all users, so even a novice user can convert her PST file to PDF format. Users will not face any problems while performing the conversion task. Apart from that, this app can be used on any Windows operating system. If users want to try the app, they can try the free demo version which allows the user to convert some of her PST files to PDF format.

Steps to Convert PST To PDF format - 

For the conversion of the PST files to PDF format using the PST to PDF Converter Tool, users do have to follow the below provided steps. Let us have a look at these steps:

  • At first, open and start the app in your system
  • Now, add the PST files that you need to switch into the PDF format
  • Get a preview of these selected PST files
  • Then, browse a location to save the converted PST files
  • Finally, hit the “convert” now button

These steps can be easily followed by any user. 

Features provided by the App

Here are some of the advanced features that are provided by this advanced PST to PDF Converter tool:

  1. Great GUI- The application provides a great graphical user interface. This feature helps every single user and new users to easily carry out the conversion of the PST files to the PDF file format.
  2. Flexible app- The tool is compatible with any of the Windows Operating systems. From the old to the new version of the Windows Operating System this advanced tool can be used. 
  3. Previewing and Scanning- Proper scanning and previewing of the files takes place with the help of this advanced solution. This is done so that no data loss and data corruption are caused by the app. 
  4. Independent tool- This advanced tool is an independent app that a user can use. Without depending on any other platform, a user can directly perform the conversion of the PST files to the PDF file format
  5. File/folder mode- The PST to PDF Converter application provides a file and folder mode to the users that help users to carry out the bulk conversion of the PST files. Also, a user can convert a single PST file to PDF format.

These are some of the great features that are provided by this advanced designed PST to PDF Converter tool.

Final Words

This blog gives all the information regarding the conversion of PST files to PDF format. It is up to the users to select their choice method. Moreover, we have provided 4 methods of conversion.