How To Remove Grease Stains From Upholstery Fabrics?

  • Jun 11, 2024
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Dealing with accidental spills is a common occurrence, but it can be particularly challenging when it comes to greasy mishaps at home. But before you reach for some commercial cleaning solutions, take a moment to walk past through this blog. 

Here, we have outlined several methods to remove grease stains from upholstery fabrics using a handful of household ingredients readily available in your kitchen, ensuring you obtain your expected results with minimum effort and without breaking the bank. 

Four Household Remedies To Tackle Grease Stains From Your Upholstery 

Note: Before applying any household ingredients listed below, ensure to vacuum your upholstery to eliminate loose debris from the fabric. This step is crucial as it prevents the debris from embedding with the cleaning solution, potentially hampering the overall cleaning process.

1. Baking Soda 

First, try using baking soda to deal with the greasy mishap. Baking soda absorbs moisture and liquids, including the oil and grease that create a grease stain. As the baking soda absorbs the grease, it lifts it away from the fabric, making it easier to remove later. Here's what you need to do:

- Before applying baking soda, use a clean, absorbent cloth to blot up as much grease stain as possible.

- Generously sprinkle baking soda over the entire grease stain, creating a thick layer that will absorb the grease. 

- Allow the baking soda to sit for a few minutes (approximately 15-20) for the soda to absorb the grease. 

- After the waiting period is over, simply use your vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to thoroughly remove the baking soda. 

2. White Vinegar

White vinegar, along with baking soda, can effectively remove grease stains from upholstery fabrics. Its acidic properties aid in breaking down grease and oil, enabling easy removal from the couch. So follow these steps to witness the remarkable role of white vinegar in banishing greasy stains from upholstery.

- Mix one cup of white vinegar with one cup of cool water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well and apply the solution over the greasy part of the fabric. 

- Allow it to sit for a few minutes, after which simply dry the solution using a hair dryer. 

3. Dish Soap 

If not for baking soda or white vinegar, dish soap can be your best ally to tackle grease from the fabric, as it contains surfactants that attract water and soil. These surfactants can loosen and break down the grease, removing it from the fabric fibers. Here's how to do it:

- Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with lukewarm water to create suds in a bowl.

- Dip a clean white cloth into the suds, not the soapy water itself to avoid saturating the upholstery.

- Gently dab the stained area with the wet cloth using a slow, blotting motion.

- After the stain vanishes, thoroughly rinse the cleaned area and gently dry it with a clean cloth, avoiding rubbing, as it can actually brittle the fibers, let alone remove the stain, so avoid such mistakes while cleaning the carpet

4. Soda Water 

Soda water which is also known as carbonated water is also used to eliminate stains on the fabric because of its acidic nature, which helps break down the greasy molecules. Additionally, it is also much more effective in handling hard stains like wine or blood. 

All you need to do is use a small amount of carbonated water on the stain to absorb it. Thereafter, simply dry the wet area completely using a white cloth. 

Concluding Up!

Grease stains are some of the worst types of stains to deal with, especially on upholstery or carpet. Although they can be tricky to remove, getting rid of them from your couch is relatively easy. 

By applying a few household remedies and following the right steps, you can effectively remove grease from your upholstery fabric and help preserve its pristine look.

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